The Ooberman Story

(L-R: Steve Flett, Dan Pop, Sophia Churney, Andy Flett)

From 1980s school beginnings Ooberman developed over years of self-produced recordings in obscurity with a brief period in the UK mainstream 1998-2002.  This included 4 Glastonbury appearances, a UK top 40 single (Blossoms Falling), a major label album produced by Stephen Street (Pete Doherty, Blur, Kaiser Chiefs, Morissey, Zutons) and Single of the Year (Shorley Wall) voted by The Times newspaper, James Dean Bradfield (Manic Street Preachers) and Radio One’s Mark Radcliffe.

Back in pop wilderness The Oob continued into two enchanting psychedelic folk prog pop masterpieces in the Running Girl Mini-Album (2001) and Hey Petrunko album (2003).  Reviews were incredible but sales were too low to pay the bills and they separated.

Since then there’s been Andy’s Ooberon project, Dan’s TV work, the 2006 reformation with new album Carried Away, then rarities CD The Lost Tapes.

Dan & Sophia released a major new album London Town by 'The Magic Theatre' in June 2010.


The press gave third Ooberman album Carried Away a great response in August 2006:


“vast Spector-ish production… radiantly beautiful.  4 Stars.”  (Uncut, August 2006)


"you're accosted by what's now an intricately-developed beauty" (Music

"Ooberman carry the spangly pop baton with confidence and bring great orchestration to bear" (

"gentle strings, floating keys, sweet melodies, the beguiling vocals of Sophia and layers of soaring harmonies" (Sounds Xp)

"12 more songs to add to the pile marked 'Ooberman classics'... a satisfying polish only glimpsed at since their debut...  the delicate voice of Sophia Churney has grown considerably stronger and more expressive." (Amazon)

Read Full Reviews Here
Hey Petrunko Reviews (2003



June 2010



Dan and Sophia's new album London Town by The Magic Theatre  has been released, as of June 7th 2010.

In development for 4 years, a time-travel love story concept album with 11 videos, a huge recording budget, choirs and orchestras, great pop tunes, Sophia’s voice at a career peak, this is quite something.

Watch it free here

Buy the beautifully designed CD here


Over on the The Magic Theatre  site, you can watch videos of the whole thing, and therefore hear the whole album free of charge.




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